Save Time. Save Lives.

A suite of tools designed specifically to enhance and facilitate the administrative tasks of animal rescue managers.

Save time on data tracking, marketing, content creation, online fundraising and more. Rescue Toolkit harnesses the power of your existing data to create professional emails and target appropriate recipients automatically. Send out requests for donations, calls for fosters or volunteers, or follow up with adopters, with just a few clicks and all at no cost to your rescue.

Make Your Data Work for You

Rescue Toolkit offers short questionnaires and simple requests to optimize data from your existing network and uses the responses to generate insights and actionable new data.

Automated Custom Content

Rescue Toolkit automatically creates professional-looking, quality content for emails, newsletters and flyers from your existing data, then prompts you to approve it to be sent out.

Activate Your Network

Rescue Toolkit helps you nurture and grow your network of volunteers, adopters and donors through consistent, professional communication.

Efficient. Effective. Easy to Use.

  1. Easy Set Up - We’ll work with your current database or management software to easily integrate our system. And we’ll provide one-on-one training and support along the way. 
  2. Simple Dashboard - Access Rescue Toolkit through your online web portal or mobile app to view your personalized Dashboard. Here you can review pre-made content, track how each animal is doing, costs, incoming donations, and more.  
  3. Automation - Rescue Toolkit works in the background on content creation and outreach campaigns. When Rescue Toolkit creates new content, it will notify you that it’s ready for review. Once you approve it, it goes out to your contacts automatically. 

Examples of Automated Custom Content

Updates on Fosters

Send a pre-made questionnaire to fosters to ask how their animals are doing. Receive pictures, videos, wellness and behavior reports that can be fed directly back into your database and flagged for follow up, or turned into new flyers and graphics. 

Adoptaversary Campaign

Reach out to adopters on the anniversary of their adoptions to celebrate the day their lives changed for the better. Thank them for providing a loving family, give them an opportunity to update you, and ask them to make a donation to help another animal find their forever home. 

Animal Profile Flyer

Standardize the information you publish about each animal in a professionally designed flyer: picture, name, age, medical needs, whether they are good with children, other cats and/or dogs, etc. Save time responding to comments and let fosters and adopters make informed decisions. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Rescue Toolkit is free for animal rescues. We’ll ask for a small fee from donors when they make their donations online to support the cost of creating and maintaining our software.

Rescue Toolkit uses Stripe Connect to securely process donations. Stripe Connect will securely collect money from donors and distribute it to the rescues.

We know three things:
1. Rescues are doing amazing and important work.
2. Rescues are often run exclusively by volunteers.
3. With nearly 7 million animals entering shelters and rescues per year in the United States, there isn’t ever enough time.

We hope that by increasing the donations made to rescues while decreasing the time and resources it takes to get them, we can help animal rescues take care of and place more animals.

Rescue Toolkit is run by a team of animal fosters and lovers who want to use their skills to solve animal homelessness. Our mission is to create tools that connect animal lovers with the heroes of animal welfare so we can all help end animal homelessness. With over 10 years in non-profit communications and project management experience, we’re designing a tool that will help improve the quality of life for rescue animals and those working tirelessly to save them.

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Save Time. Save Lives.

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